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Financial Forecast Assumptions
Jim's Stationery Store, Inc.
Multi-year Scenario #1
(Dollars and Shares in Thousands, Except Per Share Amounts)

  Beginning of
Year 1
 12 Months
Year 1
 12 Months
Year 2
 12 Months
Year 3
 12 Months
Year 4
 12 Months
Year 5
Year-to-Year Change in Net Sales NA   NA  
Gross Margin % NA  
Operating Expenses as % of Net Sales NA  
Other Income (Expense) NA  
Interest Rate on Borrowings NA  
Interest Rate on Subordinated Debt NA  
Income Tax Rate NA  
Number of Days Sales in Accounts Receivable NA  
Number of Days Cost of Goods Sold in Inventory NA  
Other Current Assets NA  
Intangibles NA  
Investments NA  
Other Assets NA  
Current Maturities NA  
Number of Days Cost of Goods Sold in Accounts Payable NA  
Number of Days Operating Expenses in Accrued Expenses NA  
Taxes Payable NA  
Other Current Obligations NA  
Other Current Liabilities NA  
Term Loan
Subordinated Debt NA  
Other Long Term Obligations NA  
Other Liabilities NA  
Common Stock
Preferred Stock NA  
Other Equity NA  
Treasury Stock NA  
Capital Expenditures (Net) NA  
Dividends as % of Net Earnings NA  
Depreciation (Net) NA  
Estimated Borrowing Base as a % of Accounts Receivable NA  
Estimated Borrowing Base as a % of Inventory NA  
Estimated Borrowing Base as a % of
      Property, Plant and Equipment (Net)
Common Shares Outstanding (Fully Diluted)
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