Financial Forecast Model - Early Stage Businesses

The Early Stage Business Model provides members with an easy-to-use method for creating five-year financial forecasts for businesses that have very limited (i.e., less than 12 months) historical financial information.

The model operates on a few assumptions you make concerning business revenues during the current and future fiscal years; and the financial statistics for businesses in the primary industry in which you compete. Your assumptions, plus the financial statistics, create the first draft of a comprehensive five-year financial forecast for the business.

Change any or all of the first draft assumptions to see how the changes impact future results; and to produce a "working" forecast. You may save any versions of the forecast you would like for future reference.

The output of the Early Stage Financial Forecast Model consists of the primary financial statements - annual income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements; several pages of documentation detailing the key assumptions underlying the forecast; and forecasted financial ratio data and statistics which are used by business managers, banks and other providers of capital to evaluate financial performance.

Early Stage Financial Forecast - Sample Data

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