Financial Models

The purpose of the Corpfin.Net financial models is to assist business excecutives and other stakeholders in analysing and managing the long-term financial strategy, risks and performance of their business.

The Corpfin.Net models are not (and are not intended to be substitutes for) budgeting programs, whose usual objective is to track detailed, short-term sales and spending responsibilities.

While Corpfin.Net believes that short-term budgeting and "performance-against-budget" reporting are essential business practices, it also believes that these practices must be established in the context of larger, longer-term goals of the business, some of which are financial in nature.

It is the purpose of the Corpfin.Net models to assist a business in setting its longer-term financial goals and plans, thereby providing a reasonable context for setting discrete, short-term objectives (i.e.,budgets) which support achieving the long-term goals.