What is Corpfin.Net?

Corpfin.Net is an interactive, secure web site that provides its members with easy-to-use financial forecasting, valuation and analysis tools with which to plan the financial future of their businesses.

What business financial planning and analysis tools are available to members?

Models are available for use by established, early stage and start-up businesses, and public companies. Models include:

  • Five-year financial forecasts and analyses by year. Link to sample pages.

  • LBO valuation of the members' businesses. This model assumes that the member can convince the buyer that the business will achieve the financial results indicated in the five year forecast. Link to sample pages.

  • Private equity placement analysis. This model estimates the reasonable pricing of private equity placements. Link to sample pages.

  • Public company analysis model. Corpfin.Net provides the historical data; you provide the forecast assumptions. Link to sample pages.

  • Single-year financial forecasts and analyses by month.

Who needs to use business financial planning and analysis tools?

Business owners and financial personnel; merger and acquisition specialists; investors; bankers; company directors; accountants; lawyers; estate planners; insurance industry advisors, etc. In other words, all those who have a stake in the ownership, management, financing or advising of businesses.

Why should I choose to use Corpfin.Net's tools?

We've taken care of all of the accounting and programming drudgery associated with business financial modeling, allowing you to focus on important issues such as possible business growth strategies and their effect on finances and the value of the business.

  • Because Corpfin.Net's models are closed-loop, there is no chance of the usual spreadsheet problems of quality control and cell corruption. Total focus is on what the forecast indicates rather than on the tools used to put it together.

  • Discussion and negotiations between parties centering on future obligations (e.g., bankers and borrowers) can be compressed into a fraction of the time it usually takes to act out the "battle of the forecast". As a result, communications and understanding are improved and professional advisory fees are reduced. In fact, the annual cost of Corpfin.Net membership is less than the cost of one-half hour of partner time at a Big Four accounting firm.

  • Corpfin.Net is located on a secure server that allows members to exchange versions of a model with each other in an encrypted environment. Confidentiality is assured. Exchanges include interactive (read/write) and read-only (PDF) versions. As such, your forecasts (or the forecasts transferred to you at the secure-server level) are always available to you and are designed to run super fast.

Do I have to be trained as a financial analyst in order to use the Corpfin.Net tools?

No! But you'll probably be a pretty good analyst as a result of using them.

The various models are designed so that all processes can be described in terms of recording reasonable, pretty much non-technical assumptions about the future. If you have any difficulty using the models, your financial advisor or Corpfin.Net can provide assistance and coaching.