Financial Forecast Demo

Welcome to our Web-based, interactive business financial forecasting demo. For your convenience we have entered the historical financial statements for the demo company.

The historical statements, plus a few assumptions, will create your first draft of a comprehensive five year financial forecast for the demo company.

The output of the demo financial forecast model consists of what accountants call the primary financial statements - income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement - and several pages of documentation detailing the key assumptions underlying the forecast.

Please feel free to change any or all of your first draft assumptions to see how the changes impact future results.

The "production" version of the financial forecast model operates on historical financial information you record, and is as simple to use and produces the same outputs as the demo model. In addition, the production model also produces actual and forecasted financial ratio data and statistics which are used by business managers, banks and other providers of capital to evaluate financial performance.

Enter the demo.